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Vedhanaadham - The Sound For The Soul - November 2011

Poojyashree Shree Amma's
Sound 8
Vibration 8
1. The Divine Message - Message From Poojyashree Shree Amma - The Ultimate Liberator Bestowed By Lord Shri Krishna!

In the present times only the servants dictate what the boss should do and so the behaviour of the Lord obeying the wishes of the devotees should be seen as a surprise! If you are looking for a servant who can obey your wishes then the Lord is your only find. In this world, there is no one who can come running to our call for help. There is no limit and He can oblige to whatever we can order and the Lord possess this amazing quality. All the devas could not bear the sight of the Lord being so obedient and started crying and even His consort was amazed at this. if we question whether the devoution of the azhwar was great or whether the Lord was great , it has to be concluded that both the azhwar and the Lord are equally great. The Lord also came back under the orders of the azhwar but did not lie down. The azhwar was asking about the Lord's behaviour and He said that the azhwar only asked Him to return but not to lie down. So the azhwar ordered the Lord to lie down as well. As how Viswamitra requested Rama to lie down the Lord began to recline and rest on the orders of the Azhwar. Let us all chant and enjoy our magnificent Krishna, our Lord of the universe.

2. Mahatmas - New Bhaktacharitras Each Month

India is the holy land with so many bhaktas (devotees). When we go through the Indian history, there must be a bhakta in every period. That is the greatness of this sacred land. Bhaktas are the role model for all the bonded souls. They enjoy their life in a perfect way. Bhaktas surrender themselves to the Lotus feet of Lord. By hearing or reading bhaktas' divine story, the bonded soul is enlightened to come out of the worldwide bondages.
RadheKrishna! Sincere chanting and listening to the great stories of devotees will surely give a peace of mind to everybody, even in this 21st century. So many people think that listening to the devotee's stories is a waste of time and there is no benefit at all. If somebody wants to realize the power of bagawan, first of all they must listen bhaktha charithram [stories of devotees]. There are so many advantages in listening to baktha charithram.
Bharath is a very special land and contained within it are sacred places and rivers. Devotees born in this sacred Bharath ensure that they propagate bhakti in all corners of the country. This is the precise reason why the fragrance of bhakti can be felt all around our country. Our beloved Guruji has a special reverence for Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and in the coming issues, we will enjoy his bhakthi and the path of devoution that he had set an example for us to follow. 

Nimayee takes sand from the village and rubs on his head and tells his followers that this is the birth place of his guru Iswarapuri and he did exactly the same as what Akroorar did when he entered Brindavan. Nimayee proclaims that the feet dust of a guru is better than Ganga, Yamuna, all the temples and in fact better than the feet of the Lord Himself. The disciples get some sand and question Nimayee as to the way to find out the foot prints of Iswarapuri.

Nobody knew where Iswarapuri had gone but Nimayee says that this is the village where he had resided as an young lad and so all the grains of sand would have some association with him. He grabs some sand and places it on his eyes and stars to cry. Everybody will go and meet the guru to tell their problems and request the guru to find a solution. But Nimayee here establishes that the holiness of a guru's feet and lies down at the village for sometime praying for devoution towards Krishna.

In Mukundamala, Kulasekharazhwar says that he does not need anything in every birth but only not to forget the feet of Krishna. Everybody slowly consoles Nimayee and they enter Navdeep. Nimayee dances at times, cries at times and he does not even refuse to argue with people whom he was used to starting arguments. He does not say anything but Krishna.
Leela continues...

RadheKrishna.Hinduism is an ancient religion. All the things that have been spoken in Hindu religion can be applied in practical life. Although in 21st century till everyone can apply this in his or her daily life. The aim of Hindu religion is to provide total happiness to everyone at all times (or any point of time). The essence of Hinduism is told in "Bhagawad Gita". In order to realize what is said in Bhagawad Gita it is a compulsory (must) to have an unconditional faith on Bhagawad Gita. So many people have benefited in their lives because of the (by reading) shlokas of Bhagawad Gita. In Bhagawad Gita, Bhagawan Shri Krishna has told the way to lead a happy life in such an easy way that even a normal layman can easily understand. The slokas are so simple that anyone can understand and use it practically. In the coming months we will enjoy the 12th Chapter of Gita and the devoution towards the Lord as explained by our  beloved Guruji. 

Akroora though was the minister of Kamsa had only filled his mind with Krishna. Although Kamsa was the worst sinner, he was always thinking of Krishna and that is why he died with Krishna being by his side. We dont know why people die and it is a natural phenomenon that the Lord has placed on us. Nobody know the cause of death but Kamsa was fortunate that he died at the hands of Krishna. Similarly Sisubala mingled with Krishna after his death because he was full of hatred for Krishna but he never could forget Krishna

People question his final state and ask how this sinner managed to merge with Krishna after death.Sage Naradha explains this as dwesha bhakthi or a kind of hatred devoution. There are many kinds of devotion like devoution out of love, fear and what Sisubala did was to look up Lord as his enemy! It is only natural that we never forget our enemies. We may overlook our friends but never our enemies. Numerous asuras like Akasura, Bhakasura, Poothana attained moksha because they were always immersed in thought of Krishna and to kill Him.

If all these demons attained Krishna due to hatred for Krishna, has it to be explicitly stated that if we dearly love the Lord we will surely attain liberation in life.

Gita continues..

4. The Divine Songs - Dhivyaprabandhamm
Naalaayira Dhivyaprabandham
                                         Thooraatha manakkaathal thoNdar thangaL
                                         kuzhaamkuzhumith thiruppukazhgaL 
                                         palavum paadi aaraatha manakkaLippO 
                                         tazhutha kaNNeer mazhaisOra ninainthuruki 
                                         yEththi naaLum seeraarntha muzhuvOsai 
                                         paravai kaattum thiruvaranga tharavaNaiyil 
                                         paLLi koLLum pOraazhi yammaanaik
                                         kaNdu thuLLip poothalaththi lenRukol
                                         puraLum naaLE                                               (655/1000/4000)

RadheKrishna  RadheKrishna..

Perumal Thirumozhi was as a result of Kulasekara azhwar longing to see and enjoy Lord Ranganatha. The Thirumozhi also results from the bhakthi of the azhwar towards Rama and Krishna and he begins with his longing for Lord Ranganatha. Everyone of us have so much of longing for the worldly affairs but the longing and the love for the Lord alone will help us achieve a good state.

Kulasekara azhwar enjoys Lord Ranganatha as Adisheshan in the first two pasurams or songs. Then he enjoys the Lord as enjoyed by Brahma. But the way Gopis enjoyed the Lord is considered to be supreme. This is because the not so intelligent Gopis were fully aware of the strengths of the Lord and believed that Krishna would save them. Of all the avatars,  Krishna avatar is considered to be the best and one that can easily be enjoyed. This was followed by Kulasekara azhwar enjoying how Narada and Tumburu enjoy the Lord. He continues further and sees how the devotees are enjoying the Lord and what items are safeguarding the Lord. Then the azhwar decides to mingle with the devotees and experience how it would be to be part of that group and enjoy the Lord .

When we are eager to meet the Lord and the moment we meet Him we will know what to do but to Jump and fall at his feet. The azhwar longs for that when at the sight of Ranganatha and out of sheer joy and unable to stand would sit down. Even sitting would be difficult and we should roll and roll and enjoy the bliss. This is how Akroora was rushing to Brindavan to meet Krishna and he was sure that the Lord will accept Him though he was the minister of Kamsa.

As soon as he reaches Brindavan, he notices the foot prints of the Lord. Those who visit Brindavan will never forget to bring back the sand as they carry Krishna's foot prints. Akroora begins to roll and cry and just by the foot prints itself if he gets excited imagine his state when he actually meets Krishna. Swami Periyavaachan pillai has provided a detailed explanation on this last line of the pasuram. Kulasekara azhwar being a majestic king, has to follow strict etiquette when he sits and sleeps. The king feels relieved of all these when he wants to visit Srirangam and without any rules he can simply roll and roll and enjoy the Lord.

Howmuch ever we study, we still will do pranks with our grand parents and hug our parents. If we just sit thinking that we are so learned and shy away, there will be no joy in life.

The pasuram will conclude next month..

5. Samarpanam
parithraanaaya sadhoonaam vinasaya cha dhushkrutham
dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge
Bhagawan takes avatar in each and every yuga mainly to safeguard the bhaktas and then to destroy the rakshasaas who trouble his bhaktas. So Bhagawan comes to this bhoomi from paRamapadham just for the sake of his bhaktas. Hence we come to know that bhaktas are very important to the Lord. Whenever Bhagawan comes to rescue his bhaktas, the other fellow people also reap the benefits. Our guruji amma gives high respect to all the bhaktas. Hence our Vedhanaadham's every issue will be dedicated to one bhakta. This issue we are dedicating to one of the great eternal devotees of the Lord namely 'HaathiRam Babaji'

  • The great soul who was born in Northern India , visited Tirumala and was stayed there ever since as he was spellbound by the beauty of Lord Venkateswara
  • The great devotee with whom Lord Balaji used to play dice games with him every evening
  • The great soul for whom the Lord himself came as an elephant (Haathi) and consumed tons of sugarcane proving his innonce
  • The great guru who was appointed as the chief priest of Tirumala by Krishnadevaraya and served there for many years
  • The great soul who attained Jeeva Samathi in Tirumala near VenuGopala Swami temple
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