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Poojyashree Shree Amma's
Sound 9
Vibration 3
1. The Divine Message - Message From Poojyashree Shree Amma - The Ultimate Liberator Bestowed By Lord Shri Krishna!

2. Mahatmas - New Bhaktacharitras Each Month

India is the holy land with so many bhaktas (devotees). When we go through the Indian history, there must be a bhakta in every period. That is the greatness of this sacred land. Bhaktas are the role model for all the bonded souls. They enjoy their life in a perfect way. Bhaktas surrender themselves to the Lotus feet of Lord. By hearing or reading bhaktas' divine story, the bonded soul is enlightened to come out of the worldwide bondages.

RadheKrishna! Sincere chanting and listening to the great stories of devotees will surely give a peace of mind to everybody, even in this 21st century. So many people think that listening to the devotee's stories is a waste of time and there is no benefit at all. If somebody wants to realize the power of bagawan, first of all they must listen bhaktha charithram [stories of devotees]. There are so many advantages in listening to baktha charithram.

Bharath is a very special land and contained within it are sacred places and rivers. Devotees born in this sacred Bharath ensure that they propagate bhakti in all corners of the country. This is the precise reason why the fragrance of bhakti can be felt all around our country. Our beloved Guruji has a special reverence for Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and in the coming issues, we will enjoy his bhakthi and the path of devoution that he had set an example for us to follow. 

Nimayee explains that he runs in search of Krishna and observes that below a tree a beautiful bluish figure is standing indicating that everything in this world is His property and there is nothing else that is superior to Him. The Lord is in his favourite pose with his legs crossed, hip bent  and next twisted a bit with a flute in his hand. Nimayee gazes at the beauty of the Lord and scales his beautiful face, his curly hair, his lovely chest, His handsome hands and every part of the Lord seemed to attract Nimayee. The silk cloth adorned by the Lord shines brightly under his dark colour. Nimayee rushes towards Krishna,falls at His feet and prays for devoution.

Everybody was shocked to hear the story and they were always doubtful where in Kaliyuga Krishna can be seen in His form. They concluded that although they are ineligible to meet Krishna it was fortunate that they met Nimayee who had seen the Lord. The chanting of Nimayee reverberates in Navadeep each day. If we just say Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare ..Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare then we will realise how many years have we lost without the beauty of chanting. Many years of ours have gone without the thought of the Lord and hence at least from now onwards dont lose and let us begin to chant.
Leela continues...

RadheKrishna.Hinduism is an ancient religion. All the things that have been spoken in Hindu religion can be applied in practical life. Although in 21st century till everyone can apply this in his or her daily life. The aim of Hindu religion is to provide total happiness to everyone at all times (or any point of time). The essence of Hinduism is told in "Bhagawad Gita". In order to realize what is said in Bhagawad Gita it is a compulsory (must) to have an unconditional faith on Bhagawad Gita. So many people have benefited in their lives because of the (by reading) shlokas of Bhagawad Gita. In Bhagawad Gita, Bhagawan Shri Krishna has told the way to lead a happy life in such an easy way that even a normal layman can easily understand. The slokas are so simple that anyone can understand and use it practically. In the coming months we will enjoy the 12th Chapter of Gita and the devoution towards the Lord as explained by our  beloved Guruji.

If we decide to fast then the mind is attached to the fast and breaking it the next day but refuses to accept that the fast is for the Lord. Hence the fasting does not yield full results. Next comes chanting and to listen to Rama, Krishna, Govinda it sounds perfect and on hearing that the names of the Lord will get rid of all our sins makes it even more likeable. The Lord descends on this planet (avatar) just to lift us up from this family and bondage and ensure our ascend to Vaikundam. Many saints like Ramanuja, Chaitanya and Madhvacharya gave up everything and took up sanyas because they wanted to life the ordinary individuals to rise from the mundane life.

The Lord said first to give up our minds to Him and if that is not possible to practice and meditate so that the mind will live with the Lord. This is nice to hear but men complain that from waking up till going to office take a toll and there is no time for devoution. The ladies complain that during the free time when they think of reading Bagawadam or Gita, the bell rings , the phone calls, the gas man arrives and where is the time to think in peace amidst all these. The work binds us and if the cooking for the day is complete the planning for the night begins and when the night cooking is complete the purchase begins for next day's cooking.

Vishavamitra meditated for 1000 years and gave all up on beauty. Next he tried and his anger took away the benefits of his meditation . He tried again and  gave up all his powers creating a heaven in haste. Hence many people are to conclude that they will never be able to meditate and practice to be able to give up their minds to the Lord. Arjuna also wonders as a kshatriya he is engaged in warfare and fights and how is that he will be able to devote time and 


4. The Divine Songs - Dhivyaprabandhamm
Naalaayira Dhivyaprabandham
                                                 vanperu vAnagam uyya amarar uyya 
  maNNuyya * maNNulagil manisar uyya * 
 thunbamigu thuyar agala ayarvonRillAch 
  sugam vaLara * agamagizhum thoNdar vAzha ** 
 anbodu thenthisai nOkkip paLLi koLLum * 
  aNi arangkan thirumuRRaththu adiyAr thangkaL * 
 inbamigu perungkuzhuvu kaNdu * yAnum 
                          isaindhudanE enRu kolO irukkum nALE?        (656/1000/4000)
RadheKrishna  RadheKrishna..

Perumal Thirumozhi was as a result of Kulasekara azhwar longing to see and enjoy Lord Ranganatha. The Thirumozhi also results from the bhakthi of the azhwar towards Rama and Krishna and he begins with his longing for Lord Ranganatha. Everyone of us have so much of longing for the worldly affairs but the longing and the love for the Lord alone will help us achieve a good state.

Kulasekara azhwar enjoys Lord Ranganatha as Adisheshan in the first two pasurams or songs. Then he enjoys the Lord as enjoyed by Brahma. But the way Gopis enjoyed the Lord is considered to be supreme. This is because the not so intelligent Gopis were fully aware of the strengths of the Lord and believed that Krishna would save them. Of all the avatars,  Krishna avatar is considered to be the best and one that can easily be enjoyed. This was followed by Kulasekara azhwar enjoying how Narada and Tumburu enjoy the Lord. He continues further and sees how the devotees are enjoying the Lord and what items are safeguarding the Lord. Then the azhwar decides to mingle with the devotees and experience how it would be to be part of that group and enjoy the Lord.

The Lord continues to do multitasking across the worlds and he is a witness to everything including the breeding of mosquitoes on one hand and at the other hand in terminating mosquitoes as well. The Lord is ever forgiving and still does not withhold rain despite all our sins for the benefit of our planet. The Lord ensured that we should not waste any water and hence made the sea water salty. Again he is planning everything and ensuring that sea water gets recycled as rain water when needed for us. We are so egoistic that despite not doing anything we claim that everything has been done by us whereas the Lord is quietly executing 

It is a wonderful thing that despite forests are being destroyed on one hand, new trees are coming up in other places. There are trees that yield fruits for the humans, some yield fruits for the animals and some trees yield fruits that the birds alone can consume. A squirrel will be consuming a fruit and due the ripeness of the fruit it will fall down at one point. A rat below will some of it and then will hid it in the mud for future consumption. But due to the mercy of the Lord, the rat will forget this and the next rain will produce a mango tree out of this. Such is the beauty of the activities of the Lord. The fallen leaves themselves become the manure for the tree and none of the Lord's creation goes waste. We invented plastic and find it hard to dispose where as the Lord's creation and activities, nothing is wasted! Despite all these activities, the Lord stands in the temple as if he has not done anything

Even in this 21st century when everybody wants to study engineering and MBA and move to America, there are people who stay and farm in their home town. The Lord ensures this for the benefit of all. It is a beauty that despite the hot sun, the tree stands to provide shade for us. Never once has the tree complained or has beaten us for taking advantage of the shade. The crow is called the sweeper of the sky. Today everybody argues that feeding the crow is useless but it has been done so that the crow can be healthy which ensures that the microbes in the sky are taken care of by the crow! The Lord has a master plan for everything!

The pasuram continues next month..
5. Samarpanam
parithraanaaya sadhoonaam vinasaya cha dhushkrutham
dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge
Bhagawan takes avatar in each and every yuga mainly to safeguard the bhaktas and then to destroy the rakshasaas who trouble his bhaktas. So Bhagawan comes to this bhoomi from paRamapadham just for the sake of his bhaktas. Hence we come to know that bhaktas are very important to the Lord. Whenever Bhagawan comes to rescue his bhaktas, the other fellow people also reap the benefits. Our guruji amma gives high respect to all the bhaktas. Hence our Vedhanaadham's every issue will be dedicated to one bhakta. This issue we are dedicating to one of the great eternal devotees of the Lord namely 'Sant Bhanudas'

  • The great soul born in 1448 to a Brahmin family and  was taken care of the Lord Himself for 7 days when he left his parents 
  • The great devotee who took up the profession of selling clothes and never lied about the  cost price and the margins he expected
  • The great soul for whom Vittal himself protected his merchandise and his horses when he had left them as is to attend a chanting session
  • The great devotee who had brought back Lord Vittal to Pandarpur after king Rama Raja had taken Vittal idol  his town in Vijayanagar. The Lord Himself had shrunk to a smaller size so that the devotee could carry him all the way!
  • The great soul was the grandfather of Ekanath a great devotee of Vittal and left a lasting legacy of devoution
  • The great devotee of the Lord left his mortal body in 1513
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