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Vedhnaadham - Special 10th Anniversary Edition

Poojyashree Shree Amma's
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Vedhanaadham turns 10 this tamil new year and we seek the blessings of Guruji Amma and Guruji to continue to shower their grace on all of us. On this special occassion we look back and publish a collection of Guruji Amma's divine message in this special edition.   We wish all our readers a happy Vijaya New Year & may we all enjoy the grace of Krishna..

Poojyashree Shree Amma
Tamil new year must be good for all the shisyas. A new year returns before we realise, but what is the difference in our minds?
We wake up early in the morning, take a nice bath, wish everyone a happy new year and eat varieties of food. Is this enough?
This is done every year.All these rituals are for the body and the mind. But, for the athma (i.e. soul), what is the need? The athma needs Bhagawan Sri Krishna.
The athma wants coalition with Sri Krishna in all manner. Those who are doing namajapam and bhagawath dhyanam, they are having the right to mingle with Lord Krishna with this body itself in the present human life.
Bhagawan Sri Krishna is waiting eagerly for the prema bhaktas to celebrate raasakreeda on this earth. For premai (true love) there are no restrictions. Bhagawan just wants the true heart. So, in this Dhaarana year, become a good prema baktha and enjoy Lord Krishna as you wish!!

This is the right time and perfect age to enjoy Lord Krishna……Radhekrishna…………
-Poojyashri Shri Amma
April 2004, Chennai

Vedhnaadham Birthday Special *** The spark that led to GurujiAmmas devotion towards Krishna *** Must See!!

Blessings to one and all in the world.

Nowadays, nobody lives with peace and happiness. Why is it so? All the people are living with desires and greed. People are searching the materialistic happiness only which means everybody lives in their dream world. When one wants to be a very rich man, then their motive is only about money. Some people are living with 'garvam' (pride) about their educational qualifications. They want to live with real happiness, but they are simply acting with their temporary worldly exposures.These things alone cannot fulfill their lives and they keep searching for 'santhosham'(true happiness). Everybody thinks in the world, is it possible to get 'santhosham'?

I am telling you all "Yes, it is possible!!". If everybody does 'Nama japam' (chanting of Lord's name) wholeheartedly, they will get real happiness, peace, enjoyment and pleasure.Attempt it and enjoy the supreme bliss.


Amma's abhayakarangal
One can attain Bhagavaan, if he has the unrelented desire. So, what if one attains Bhagavaan? He can live happily. Bhagavaan has not promised anywhere of retaining the youth if one does Naamajabam. The true devotee knows whether he is 90 years or 95 years or even at the bed-ridden stage, the mind will be at peace. He will always be happy, and has a staunch belief that God is always with him and hence will not have disbelief in any respect. That stubbornness and courage of God being with him and will take him to His abode is assured of. Radhekrishna! Thus, the devotee will not bother about any worldly petty matters. When the common people feel neglected for not being attended to them when they are in need of a glass of water or coffee and when one utters Krishna, the same people rush to serve them with the soothing warm water. It is no exaggeration but only the truth. Each one of us should constantly chant the Naamajabam to experience this truth. One need not seek or call anybody by name for help, instead when he offers his prayer to Krishna; he will be helped to complete his work even by strangers who are not related to the work. Radhekrishna!
When an infant cries for the milk, it does not spell out the same before hand. Its mother takes care and to appease the hunger, feeds the infant. When the infant wets the bed, she does the needful, while the infant does not utter about it to its mother. If the ordinary people can do the needful to an infant and can take care of, is there any need to talk or comment about Bhagawaan’s well-planned actions? Are we fit to talk about Bhagawaan’s actions? We can only talk his praises and chant His names. Well, chanting Bhagawaan’s names is only for their well-being and not to benefit Bhagawaan. It is only because of this, the importance of Naamasankeerthana is propogated for our happiness and He has said the same in the most secret way. It is not in the form of authorization in writing with any signature, whereas He secretly conveys the importance of Chanting. There is no need to give any open and vivid explanation for God’s actions. Hence, the Guru, in the form of representatives of God, is sent by Bhagawaan to uplift the souls in this world and the knowledge is imparted through them. Common people cannot understand Bhagawaaan’s pranks and plays. For a single event the meaning and concept changes in our mind from time to time, and hence nobody is able to give a definite explanation for our sacred Bhagawath Geetha and is explaining the same in various ways. Each one has his own explanation and such are the new meanings. Radhekrishna!
We dance to the tunes of various songs and music in our daily life, which however is forgotten in matter of no time. Bhagawaan’s Leelas are truth and hence remains forever. Even an atheist gives explanation in his support quoting various hymns and adapts to such belief when it is advantageous to him. This shows Bhagawaan’s mercy! He showers His mercy even on the sinners. The glory of Chanting is propagated only to attain Bhagawaan. Many of us observe fast but do not enjoy its purpose as it is done with ego and self-pride. Such fasts are not done for the sake of Bhagawaan but only to boast amongst the people. They grumble of preparations of tasty food for others saying, had I not observed the fast, would have tasted the same. Though tempted in such manner they do not express outwardly the same. The observances of fasts are to be dedicated to Bhagawaan and not to boast upon. When each duty of ours is dedicated to Bhagawaan, one can truly enjoy the performance. There will never be any mistake when done so and He bestows upon us His compassion. It is possible to attain everything through Naamasankeerthana and hence Sadgurus are stressing upon the importance of the same. There is no doubt about it at any point of time. Radhekrishna! Let bygones be bygones and need not waste the precious time by brooding over the past. Now, on realizing the importance of Naamasankeerthanam, one should have a hold on it and do continuous chanting Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Krishna…, to know the truth and the real purpose of human life. Radhekrishna!

Poojyashri Shri Amma
 Ok, are you doing Bhajans? How you do feel after bhajan. How are your feelings after doing bhajan. Does everyone feel happy after namajapan .everything becomes easier.. every moment even while studying if you are used to chanting radhekrishna, the heart can chant radhekrishna always. How it is possible if the teacher is teaching something. Let us choose a popular catchy song, even while learning in classroom as the teacher teaches or while studying you are able to hum your favourite song, similary you should be able to chant radhekrishna while studying. If you start at a young age then when you become old - many people complain and cry my child did not care for me, i did not get good food, no medicines are available, such instances are very common as you might be aware. If you chant now, Lord Krishna
will save you now and till your old age also. Since you are kids, parents are taking good care of you... by feeding you on time and keeping you happy but giving you good food that you like etc..

Then after this kids stage, when you are at home, after completing education, without taking up any employment then what do the parent say.. Useless
chap why are you sitting idle... Is it my mother she is cursing me says the kid.. you should not be like that but if you want to be happy and comfortable always keep Krishna in your heart, then if you need anything any moment then Krishna will grant you that, you can be happy, You should do namajapan.. Andal, Meera were young but started bhakti at a very young age.

Today you recount Meera, Aandal they chanted Krishna always.. You can be like them if you do do namajapam. Now you are kid what happens at age 16 whether I will get a job, whether mother will shout at me or not etc will not be apparent to you now...

What matters to you I need to go to school, I should ask amma my favourite snack for school. Then if you like it you will always think i should have the tiffin to myself. If you complete study then i said what can happen to you at that time.. You know better.... Radhekrishna...

This young age Aandal Meera Thiyaga Brahmam like them you should chant in the heart Krishna ... you can feel the happiness in your heart. If you go to the shop people might notice you and ask why you look so different, people can notice the change in you. Bhagavan namam Krishna should be chanted always and continuously.. You can live happily..

Radhekrishna Radhekrishna Radhekrishna Radhekrishna Radhekrishna Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna Radhekrishna Radhekrishna Radhekrishna!!

Before god everybody is a kid. During exams, when you get the question paper close your eyes and just like we chanted, chant radhe krishna 10 times, not much time will pass and you will be able to write your exams betters than others. The answers that you want to know, Radhekishna will tell you. Krishna helps us when we write our exams as well, you will notice the difference.

Like that before studying while taking the book, chant 10 times and pray to Krishna that i should not forget whatever I read today and you will be able to perform better and you won t forget anything and write exams well...

Do every thing like this.This is a fact, call Bhagavan before everything. He will come and help you this is truth(satyam).
Poojyashri Shri Amma
Chennai, May 2006
Listen to Amma's divine message in Her own voice! (in Tamil)

Life is unpredictable. Everyone is born and death is sure to everyone at a certain point of time. But no one can predict in which form and when death occurs. So life is a temporary phenomenon. Change is the rule of the universe. No one has the right to question this or ability to control it. In the past so many natural calamities have occurred and many a time we are unaware of such devastating incidents. Even recently the tsunami waves and earthquakes have shattered the whole world. So many people died and many lost their loved ones, houses and livelihood. Whether we like or not we have to accept it.

The so-called scientific development can only to some extent predict such occurrences but the happenings cannot be stopped. The scientists can explain the reason of the incident only after it occurs. No one can give assurance of non-happening of such incidents in the future. But anyone can safeguard himself or herself from these natural calamities by surrendering to Bagawan Krishna.

We all wish that such incidents should not occur in future. For that, from today itself we must put efforts. The effort that we have to put is, chant Lord’s name. By chanting Lord’s name there is nothing to worry and to be afraid of.
So chant constantly Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna.
Wherever you are, whatever you do never forget the Lord’s name!!!

There is no restriction regarding caste, creed, age, religion, status, gender, nationality etc., for chanting the Lord’s name.

Let us all come together and Chant for world peace. Everyone wishes to help in some way or the other at this present situation. But it is not possible for everyone to lend a helping hand to meet all sorts of requirements. God only knows the real needs of the needy. By our chanting Bagawan Sri Krishna will surely fulfil the needs of those needy.

Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!
** This message was given by Amma after the Tsunami disaster in December 2004 **

Qualities of A Disciple (Sishya Latchanam)-

Radhekrishna! We have been telling about Guru Bhakthi. To do Guru Bhakthi, the disciple should be perfect.

Gopikas lived for Krishna only because of Guru Sishya Bhavam. Lord Krishna was the Guru and Arjuna was the sishyan.

Arjun never used to do anything without the consent of Krishna. But even Arjun forgot the way a sishyan should be in a situation in his life. He forgot Krishna when his brother Yudishtir asked him to play betting.

We often quote Govindan when we narrate Guru Sishya relationship. Govindan was a sishya of Sri Ramanujar. We are still surprised by the way Govindan lived with his Guru for his Guru. Instead of narrating on how Govindan was, let us see on how a sishya should be now.

We may say that there was no TV, Radio in those days and there was no need for marriage and hence the sishyas were able to live like that. Now people may say, they want a family life and hence get married but what will they attain by doing service to Guru.

There is a proverb 'Pin thoongi mun ezhuvaal pathini' in tamil which means a perfect wife will sleep late and get up early. We can make different meanings now, but the exact meaning of this is to finish the household activities, fullfill the needs of in-laws, children, feed the cows (there were cows in houses earlier), check if doors are locked properly. After finishing all the household chores, wife will also fullfill the needs of her husband as per his wishes and this is the meaning of 'Pin thoongi mun ezhuvaal pathini' in tamil. This is how a sishyan/shishyai should be.

Deva devi used to get up early in the morning, sprinkle water in front of house, decorate with kolams( like rangoli). She did all these irrespective of whether it is for good or not. If we discuss who is Deva Devi, there is a lot to narrate. This is to say how a sishya should be.

If we need to narrate qualities of sishya, sishya should not perform anything for self. A sishya should behave as per Guru's wishes. If one keeps a book in a place, the book will not move, run,hide, behave as per it's wishes. This is called behaving as per Guru's wishes.

We leave you with the collection of Guruji Amma's Bhanjans to enjoy this new year



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